Because the first impression lasts. Around two-thirds of consumers make their purchasing decision at the point of sale – and are strongly influenced by the product’s packaging. Our plastic packaging combines an attractive design with reliable product protection, making a lasting influence on the customer’s purchasing decision.

Leading marketing and sales experts agree: Packaging is a central vehicle for the brand message and is an essential component in any marketing mix. Especially in the consumer sector, the choice of a suitable packaging solution is an indispensable tool in brand building and brand management. Around half of consumers discover new products while browsing in stores. And around a third of shoppers view the packaging as an important indicator of the quality of the product within.

Create buying incentives with the right packaging

Our smart plastic packaging solutions not only ensure your product catches the eye at the point of sale, they also create positive long-term brand associations. The high-quality processing of the packaging emphasizes the value of your products. And it leaves a lasting impression on your customers – even after the purchase – because plastic packaging from rose plastic is well-known for its functional ergonomics and easy handling – it’s child’s play to use and easy to open and close.

With a portfolio of around 4,000 different plastic packaging products, we are one of the world’s leading suppliers of innovative plastic promotional and consumer packaging solutions. Our solutions are widely used in the following areas, among others: