Saw blades and cutting discs are delicate tools. Defects in the tooth geometry or individual teeth will quickly lead to untidy edges and may even damage the sawing machine. Our packaging ensures your tools are safely and reliably protected, while also ensuring they are optimally presented at the point of sale.

Whether you need packaging for jigsaw blades, reciprocating saw blades, holesaws, circular saw blades, cutting discs, diamond cutting discs or hand saws – with our plastic packaging solutions you simply can’t go wrong. Our packaging for separating tools and sawing tools will impress you for a number of reasons. For starters, it optimally protects the contents against mechanical damage, moisture, dirt and, if desired, also from corrosion – and not only during transportation, but also during warehousing and storage. This guarantees optimum and consistent performance of your cutting and sawing tools during use. In addition, our solutions help to protect the end users against painful injuries.

User-friendly handling

Thanks to their functional ergonomics, our packaging solutions are intuitive to use and can be opened and closed without minimal effort. This not only benefits the user, it also makes filling our plastic packaging with your separating tools and sawing tools child’s play.

Elegant designs guarantee success at the point of sale

Your packaging is a central bearer of your brand message – it therefore plays a critical role in determining your products’ success or failure at the point of sale. Our plastic packaging solutions for separating and sawing tools impress thanks to their timelessly elegant designs. This ensures you draw the right kind of attention wherever your product is being sold – from tool retailers and the DIY trade to hardware stores and tool shops.