High-quality tools and plastic packaging from rose plastic – it’s a winning combination. Just ask the world’s leading manufacturers of cutting tools. They choose us because our packaging solutions don’t just optimally protect your tools during transport and storage, they also stand out thanks to unrivalled ergonomics and innovative designs.

With a portfolio of around 4,000 different plastic packaging solutions, we’re the world’s number one provider of packaging for high-quality cutting tools – and we have been for decades. Our packaging tubes, cassettes, boxes, and cases ensure optimum product protection against damage, moisture, dust and oil. Put your trust in the global market leader! We’ll be happy to advise you.

We have the right packaging for every cutting tool

Whether you need packaging for tiny micro-drills, heavy-duty precision milling heads, or razor-sharp diamond tools – at rose plastic you’re guaranteed to find the ideal plastic packaging solution for every tool.

Twelve compelling reasons to choose our packaging solutions for your cutting tools

There are many good reasons why manufacturers of cutting tools all over the world choose our plastic packaging solutions. Here are the most important ones:

First-class quality packaging

At rose plastic, we are internationally recognized as a specialty producer of tool packaging solutions made of plastic, which we manufacture using both blow molding and injection molding processes. Our expert engineers, creative designers, and experienced manufacturing specialists work seamlessly to produce attractive, high-quality packaging solutions for cutting tools and precision tools that truly stand out.

Decades of experience as a packaging manufacturer

We started developing our first plastic products back in 1953. Today, we’re the global market leader in the development and production of plastic packaging for cutting tools. Our packaging solutions consistently set new standards in terms of quality, design, and functionality – and will continue to do so.

Locations throughout the world

rose plastic is a true global player. With locations all over the world, we are always close at hand. This means you can obtain identical plastic packaging for cutting tools or precision tools anywhere in world – in consistent high quality.

Full-spectrum service

For us, comprehensive customer service isn’t just an empty phrase; it’s part of our corporate philosophy. We provide everything you need from a single source: personal advice, innovative development, creative design and construction of precision tools, high-quality finishing, such as printing or engraving, packaging, professional logistics in almost every country worldwide, and much more besides.

Comprehensive protection for your cutting tools

Ultimately, the package needs to match the value of the product. Our robust plastic packaging for the tool industry absorbs shocks and protects the contents against moisture, dust, and oil, thereby ensuring that your cutting tools reach your customers in perfect condition.

Perfect presentation of your high-quality tools

The right packaging not only protects your tools, but also showcases them. Our attractive precision-tool packaging solutions let you highlight the value of your products and differentiate them from the competition.

Easy handling thanks to unrivalled ergonomics

We invest a huge amount of time, energy, and passion in the development of our plastic packaging products. And our customers notice – or rather, they don’t, which is the point. Thanks to their outstanding ergonomics, our packaging solutions for cutting tools can be easily opened and closed – both during loading by the tool manufacturer and in everyday use by the end customer.

Vast range of packaging solutions

At rose plastic, we’ve got it all. Our standard range includes around 4,000 different packaging products in various materials, colors, and dimensions. We can also supply the matching protective foam pads. And in the unlikely event that you can’t find what you need, we can develop a customized packaging solution just for you – individually tailored to your needs.

Personal advice from experienced packaging specialists

We want you to be 100% satisfied. That’s why we go to great lengths to provide you with in-depth, competent and, above all, personalized advice. Together, we’ll find the best packaging solution for your cutting tools. Just give us a call or send us an e-mail!

Our independence guarantees unbiased advice

As a legally independent, medium-sized family business, we aren’t burdened by ties to other companies. Our independence means we can offer honest and impartial advice that serves our customers’ interests, rather than those of third parties. As a result, we ensure you receive the right packaging for your cutting tools – every time.

Printed or engraved finishing

At our in-house print shop, we can effectively customize your plastic packaging to include your promotional designs – for example, with your company logo, a slogan, or product information. This helps you attract attention and show the value of your products – and of course increase your sales!

For us, special requests are standard practice

Each cutting tool is different and therefore needs its own unique packaging solution. We know how to accommodate special requirements – we’ve been producing highly specialized packaging solutions for years. Our VCI protective packaging with integrated corrosion protection, which reliably protects cutting tools from rust and our LABS-free packaging that guarantees residue-free and highly wettable surfaces are good examples.

Our transport and logistic systems keep tools safe, clean, and protected.
Our regrind boxes are loved by logistics professionals worldwide

Cutting tools need to be regularly processed and reground. Unfortunately, improper collection and transport of these high-quality tools frequently results in damage. Our special regrind boxes are made of sturdy plastic to prevent damage to your tools – and permanently reduce your tooling costs. At the same time, they ensure that you can always know the status of your cutting tools.

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VCI anti-corrosion packaging for cutting tools.
VCI anti-corrosion packaging – give rust no chance

Corrosion can quickly render cutting tools unusable. Our new VCI anti-corrosion packaging is an effective way to prevent your tools from rusting. Special anti-corrosive agents (also called inhibitors) contained in the plastic packaging diffuse inwards and outwards and form a protective atmosphere that lays on the metal surfaces. When the tools are unpacked, the active ingredient volatilizes without residue and the tool is ready for immediate use.

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