Gears are typically high-quality, precision components with delicate coatings. Their delicate tooth flanks can be all too easily damaged during punishing logistics processes. In the worst case, the gear teeth can even break. Our plastic packaging provides secure and reliable protection for your gears.

Our boxes and packaging tubes are designed to be reusable, making them ideal for both transportation and shipping, as well as for internal goods movements and storage of your gears. At the same time, our plastic packaging can be quickly and easily filled with your gears thanks to its functional ergonomics. When it comes to practicality, that’s hard to beat!

The right packaging for every gear

Whether you need packaging for gears, spur gears (cylinder wheels), elliptical gears, bevel gears, crown gears, or worm gears – with our vast range of plastic packaging, we’ve definitely got your covered! It’s therefore hardly surprising that gear manufacturers all over the world rely on our proven plastic tubes and boxes when packaging their products.